Finding the Right Home at the Right Time

Deciding where to live can be an overwhelming decision for an aging adult and their family.

Summit Senior Solutions understands this and is dedicated to supporting you and your family throughout the process. From evaluating if a move from your current home is even necessary, to determining which community best meets your needs, to coordinating your move, we will be with you every step of the way. Our assistance does not end upon placement, as we remain in contact with you and your family ensuring your needs continue to be met.

All of our placement services are provided to you free of charge, because Summit believes everyone deserves an opportunity to receive expert support in making this important decision.

Individualized Assessment

Using the six critical dimensions in our Summit-Up Assessment tool, we work with you to identify your living needs and desires.

Optimized Living Solution

Based on your Assessment, we will help you determine whether you should stay in your current home or assist you in selecting a new community that better suits your needs.

Ongoing Relationship

Once your optimal living solution is determined, we will continue to provide support and access to services.

Our Purpose

To assist older adults in determining their optimal living situation

Our Guiding Principles

  • Practice Honesty and Transparency in all that we do
  • Provide a Personalized client-driven experience
  • Use a Holistic approach to ensure all dimensions of need are addressed
  • Respect and Empower aging adults without exception
  • Continuously Improve and Grow our services

Why Summit?


All of Summit’s placement services are provided free of charge to our clients.

Local Knowledge

Founded and based in Raleigh, Summit is well connected with local resources for older adults.


Over 35 years of Healthcare leadership experience provides Summit with unique insight and perspective.

Personalized Holistic Approach

Summit utilizes an innovative multi-dimensional assessment tool to identify individual needs and desires.

Ongoing Relationship

Summit maintains regular communication with all of our clients and their families to ensure their needs continue to be met.